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You Don't Need an Occasion to Look Good

You Don't Need an Occasion to Look Good

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“What are you so dressed up for? Big plans tonight?” - I’ve been asked this question many times and to be honest most nights I actually don’t have any big plans. It isn’t very common here in Chicago to have your hair and makeup done on, say, a boring Tuesday night. That's why this sort of question keeps popping up once in a while. To be honest, I love putting effort into my everyday look not because I am trying to impress anyone, but because when I look good I also feel good. There is no secret to this rule. After all, who said you need to wait till some sort of a special moment to pull out your nice dress and heels? 

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Think about it, how many times have you actually been all done up in the past year? A friend’s wedding? A date? A girl’s night out? I actually challenge you to take a moment and count. How did you feel? I am sure you were more confident and felt more beautiful than usual. So once again, if that’s the case, what stops you from feeling like that daily?

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I strongly believe that a nice hairdo can change your entire mood. I walked into Goldplaited salon on a Tuesday afternoon and let the ladies work some real magic. After one hour I left looking like I just came back from a two-week vacation because my skin was glowing and my hair looked like I could crash a wedding and step in for a bridesmaid. 

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We added some roses to make the hair look even more festive. And so I stepped out of the salon and.. just went on with my day, running errands like I would normally do on a regular day. But something did change indeed. Everything around just felt like it went through an Instagram filter. My coffee tasted better than usual, people were smiling, errands were easy and even I felt lighter like I could take off the ground at any moment, and only my giant bag that I carry my life in prevented me from doing so. 

Call me weird but sometimes I wake up a half an hour earlier only to do my makeup. It sort of like a morning meditation. While I do my hair and make up I go over my schedule and set an intention for the day. Once I'm done it feels like it's a crime to stay home and be lazy, so I kind of have to be an adult and do life.

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Ladies, I am telling you this method works. On a gloomy fall day, if it is extra hard to get out of the house, dress up. Sometimes high heels and a beautiful dress are better than your therapist. Confidence can come not only from within but also from the outside world. Try it and prove me wrong, I dare you. 

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Stay beautiful!


Echo Mass

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