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How To Get Ready For a New Job

How To Get Ready For a New Job

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  Getting a new job is so stressful. The resume, phone calls, first interview, second interview, negotiations, contract. And just when you think you can exhale and calm down the anxiety about your first work day kicks in. The fear of the unknown can set your focus off, so here is what you should do on your first day to start on the right foot.

  • Pick Your Outfit - I assume you can make a fair judgement of what the dress code in the new company is, however it never hurts to ask the supervisor beforehand. You don't walk in wearing jeans if everyone else is dressed in suits. I am a fan of overdressing, but if you don't want to bring too much attention on your first day do not dress over the top either . Think about what jewelry is appropriate and what hairstyle will help you make the first good impression. Don't wear the clothes that you just bought, especially shoes. Go for something you are very confident with and that is relatively comfortable. Prepare your outfit the night before, so you don't try to run around your house in the morning in panic.

  • Arrive early - I would suggest half an hour to 15 min. Depending on the size of your company, before you actually get to your desk you might have to take a picture for your pass, sign some last-minute papers, etc. By arriving early you would actually be at your workplace right on time.

  • Turn off your phone - Not even silent mode. Just turn it off to avoid temptation. Scan the environment. Some bosses have a thing about phones aka hate when the workers are on them. Most bosses, actually. Unless you work at a cellphone store.  So at least day 1 just stay off of it. Notify everyone that you are doing a phone-free day. Check it during lunch or when you get home. 

  • Bring lunch/water - Pack a lunch. You can later explore where the good food places are or ask your coworkers, but you don't want to worry about that on your first day. I'm sure they provide water and stuff at your new job, but I personally don't like going back and forth all the time since I do drink a lot of water during the day.

  • Be proactive - Ask questions, make notes, try to understand how the place runs. 

  • Introduce yourself - Be nice to everyone, don't expect others to say hello first. You are the one coming into other people's space. Shake hands, smile, tell who you are. People will remember you faster if you make a good introduction. Try to remember everybody's name and maybe a small detail about them to make the connection  a bit more personal. 

  • Don't hurry - Don't leave as soon as the clock shows your work is over. Stick around extra 10 minutes. 

  Making a good first impression is very important. The main advice is don't be nervous. This too shall pass. After a couple months you will be so comfortable, you will look back at your first day and laugh. Good luck at the new place! Go get them!


Change is Hard

Change is Hard