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27 Things to Do Before I Turn 27

27 Things to Do Before I Turn 27

A few days ago I woke up and the first thought I had was: "Oh my God, I am turning twenty seven this month!" Twenty seven! I hate that when I even briefly mention something about feeling old to people who are older, they just laugh and tell me to not be silly. But here is the thing: I do feel old. This is the oldest I've ever been, to be exact. (Today is the oldest you have ever been too. You're welcome).  For some reason, right now feels like the time when I should have if not fully figured my life out, then, at least, come close to some sort of clear understanding what direction I am moving in. But here is the truth: the more I listen and talk to other people, the more often I come to the conclusion that nobody ever has their life figured out. Ever. There is always something that you will hesitate about, something that you would want to change and something that will keep you awake at night. More often, and in this case age plays no role, many of us still haven't fully realized who they want to be when they grow up. And it is okay! Because it is never too late to become whoever you want to become. At least for now, till you move on to something else. In fact, I might disappoint you completely and say that you are not destined to find just one role in life. Why would you limit yourself? Your job, your social status, even your hobbies do not define you. They are just a small glimpse of your full potential, not a stamp. If you are successful in your career, doesn't mean you should just stop exploring, because there never will be a moment when you will just sit down and think: "Ok, I'm done. I did a good job and I absolutely don't want anything else in life".  Look around. You can never learn what else you might like unless you try it. 

I've made a list of twenty seven things that I want to do before my birthday. Some I've done in the past, some are the tasks that I hope will turn into habits, and some are activities that I've always wanted to try. I make lists like this because they motivate me to push myself to try new things and establish good habits. As I cross off tasks off I will also write about my experiences and analyze how they affected me. 

If you were to write a list like this, what would you put?

Here it goes:

1. Spend a full day alone in a new place.

2. Read 3 books.

3. Change hair style/color.

4. Go on a boat.

5. Get an anti-age facial.

6. Go back to aerial yoga.

7. Go boxing.

8. Spend a night dancing salsa.

9. Finish organizing my summer wardrobe.

10. Swim in lake Michigan.

11. Workout daily.

12. Write a business plan.

13. Win a lottery (any amount - I have never won anything, probably because I never play lol)

14. Eat numerous Nutella crepes till I start hating both Nutella and crepes.

15. Go biking on Lake Shore drive.

16. Go to a concert.

17. Take an airplane or helicopter flying lesson.

18. Blow bubbles while drinking mimosas.

19. Write 1000 words daily.

20. Eat healthy food every day (besides the Nutella-crepe day).

21. Drink 2 liters of water a day.

22. Catch up with an old friend.

23. Create something with my hands.

24. Record a video and put it on YouTube.

25. Go to a museum.

26. Let go of the past.

27. Remind everyone I love that I love them.

I'm off to doing numbers 5, 19 and 2 (possibly 14 if I have time lol)! XOXO


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