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What Is Fashion to You?

What Is Fashion to You?


One of the reasons I started being interested in fashion years ago is because I’ve always seen it as a creative self expression. I don’t follow trends, I rather get inspiration from the new ideas that are being introduced to the world by the fashion industry. But to me fashion has never been something I need to chase. It has always been art.

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I used to have a blog called LittleTooMuch. I have felt like that name represented my style a lot. Now I am actually thinking it still does. But it’s not Little anymore. What I’ve come to realize is that you need to stick what is true to you, and my truth is that I love over the top things. It took me a while to come to terms with it.

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I’ve been stalking Instagram accounts of some great bloggers that look amazing in just boyfriend jeans and a gray t-shirt. But I am never going to be able to pull that look off. Simply because it doesn’t reflect who I am. I believe that fashion is a representation of your inner personal self. It’s almost like when you are painting. Have you ever felt satisfied when you brushed that one extra stroke and realized that your painting is now complete? That’s how I feel with my outfits.


When I moved to Chicago I remember how surprised I was with the fashion around. I definitely stuck out, and people were looking at me. I dress for myself first of all, and to be honest I don’t really like to get that much attention. I want to wear extravagant pieces and high heels everywhere I go. So I started to feel ashamed.


Ashamed! Of my own personal style. Because I didn’t fit in. Because I could wear a nice dress to go grocery shopping. I sometimes feel like I was born in a wrong era and I long for the times when it was not just appropriate, but mandatory to dress up. It takes a lot for one to overcome that shame of being a little more extravagant than most. And to rise up and decide that this is who I am and I will wear whatever I want because I need to stay true to myself. And if people around are not ready, well, it’s their problem.


I on the other hand have never felt as great as when I wore this amazing feather headpiece and beautiful top created by  Veronica Shaffeur. What would people think if I actually wore this out? I felt like a princess and a bride and a haute couture fashion model when I was taking pictures in this outfit. I felt like a million dollars.


That’s the thing about fashion. It makes you FEEL differently. It makes you confident. Your body language changes. Your energy changes. It’s almost like being an actor and playing different parts. Fashion is fun. It’s has more influence on your character than you might think. So wear what you think makes you feel good because that is the whole purpose of fashion. Step out f the lines, dare to wear what’s not in your comfort zone, experiment. Life is too short to wear boring outfits!

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